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What is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

What is Cold Pressed Dog Food?
There are plenty of different dog foods on the market and with every dog food there is a different selling point. However, with many of these dog foods there selling point is very much similar.

What is cold pressed dog food?

Cold pressed dog food is an alternative way of making dry dog food. Normally dry dog food is made using meat meal and other ingredients that are precooked at extremely high temperatures, often 140C or higher, destroying a lot of their natural goodness. Cold pressed is also much easier for dogs to digest as when your dog eats extruded dry dog food, the food absorbs liquid in their stomach, which can cause bloating. Whereas cold pressed doesn't swell but slowly breaks down, making easier to digest and more gentler on your dogs stomach.

Why feed cold pressed dog food?

  • Lower temperatures to retain nutrients and goodness.
  • Highly digestible
  • No swelling in the stomach
  • Extremely appetising
What do we recommend?

The Tribal TLC range of cold pressed dog food.

Tribal TLC recipes have been created using highly " bio available" ingredients. This means that your dog can use and digest as much of Tribal TLC as possible resulting in a much healthy dog and smaller and less stinky poos! Tribal TLC recipes don't include vegetable proteins (such as pea protein or potato protein) as dog's aren't able to digest them as easily and they aren't as nutritious as animal proteins.

Tribal TLC unlike other foods, the TLC range is truly made at Lower Celsius, Tribal only use fresh meat and not meat meal and gently heat to no more than 95C, locking in the optimal amount of nutrition and goodness. Tribal guarantee that at least 98% of all out ingredients are not heated to above 95C, either by them or by there suppliers.

In the Tribal TLC range there are four products Grain Free Adult Turkey, Grain Free Adult Salmon, Grain Free Puppy Turkey and Grain Free Senior/ Overweight Turkey. All recipes are made with fresh meat or fish, hypoallergenic and are grain free. The grain free puppy turkey recipe has a small bite size suitable from weaning. Higher in protein and healthy fats to provide all the nutrition required for growing puppies. The grain free senior/ overweight turkey recipe is lower in calories compared with adult recipes and has twice the amount of joint care to keep joints healthy.

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